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The richness of Filipino in food and culture

Published on 15-09-2015Email To Friend    Print Version

We don’t need an occasion to celebrate. Most Filipinos have this mindset of serving delightful cuisines even without an occasion, especially when friends or other guests arrive to visit them. That’s why we are considered to be the most hospitable people in the world.


It became part of our culture to feast and celebrate whenever we sit down and chat with our friends. What makes these moments more special is the food that we share. Filipino cuisines are considered to be one of the world’s most delicious foods.



It became a normal habit to eat instant dishes nowadays, fast-food meals are just around—these influences from the west made us appreciate the traditional way of cooking our very own Filipino dishes. Since we don’t miss the days when dishes are cooked for a long time, we now try to seek for stores that do the same.



Here in Cavite, you may still find a restaurant which serves awesome Filipino recipes that are traditionally cooked and has that distinct traditional taste—Republic of Cavite Restaurant. Faithfully serving Filipino cuisines, we bring the local and flavorsome dishes to all our patrons. And as we believe in, we don’t need any occasions to dine, bring your friends and special someone to this place and experience a traditional Filipino dining.


Perfect with a classy ambience during the Post-colonial Period, this restaurant will certainly fill your experience with excitement. It is a replica of the Aguinaldo shrine in Kawit which became a historical place when President Emilio Aguinaldo declared our independence. Also, the different areas in the restaurant were named after the different historical places in the country like Plaza de Armas, Bulwagang Cuenca, Casa de Gobernador and more.


You will surely appreciate this new adventure in dining with us. Come and experience Republic of Cavite restaurant.

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