Philippine Restaurant | Republic of Cavite | Chicken Barbecue Restaurant
City Hall Road, Brgy. San Agustin
Trece Martires City, Cavite
(046) 686-7271
(046) 419-0214
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Teaching A course on food in Philippine culture to Japanese students has opened my eyes to what we eat, why we eat, and what our cuisine reflects about our history, leading to ideas on what we think we are as a people.


Have you ever had this kind of experience? You feel healthy all the way. However, one day, you feel tired suddently, and the state lasts for a long time. Every morning, you wake up with sleepy eyes. You go to work with tired body, and you have to drink much coffee to make yourself sober.


Health is wealth, the old saying goes. These days one can never do too much when it comes to ensuring one’s health and well being. However, with today’s economic crisis, one of the things that can fall to the wayside is getting quality


Banana is a fruit loved by almost every person around the world. It has the most health benefits for humans as compare to the other types of fruits. Belonging to the Lily and Orchid family, bananas are grown at the tropical regions of the world like South and Central of Asia, America and Africa.


November 3, 2012-Froehlich Tours welcome a delegation of the Miss Earth 2012 contestants by 11:30 am at their Corporate Office Location Unit C No.46, Russia Street, Better Living, 1711 Parañaque, to present together with the contestants its new Eurostar SHD VIP Motor-Coach.

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